The Luna & Cash Story

Luna & Cash is a family business based in Newquay, Cornwall. Created by Helena & Lincoln Miles (that's us!) and inspired by our two children, Luna & Cash.

Helena is an experienced midwife, currently working as a Bank midwife as well as running the shop. Lincoln comes from a background in online retail, he currently owns one of the largest outdoor bushcraft shops in the UK.
Although we have both always had a passion for the outdoors and nature, our ethical journey really blossomed upon the birth of our daughter Luna in 2016. We began questioning almost everything about our lifestyle, having a little person makes you worry about things more. Shortly after Luna's birth we made the move from Bedfordshire to Cornwall.

It was once we moved we really started implementing the changes we had discussed. We became vegan straight away, its one the most compassionate and effective changes you can make to protect both animals and the environment. We started to really look at how much single use plastics we were using and have made the changes to become as waste free as possible. 

Its crazy to think how many harmful chemicals are used in children's products. From the food they eat, clothes they wear, toys they play with and the products on their skin. We wanted to ensure the safety of our kids was put first. 
We have been talking about opening the store for a long time, the birth of our son Cash in 2018 was the final driving force to put the wheels into motion.

When planning the store it was extremely important for us that our values stayed true throughout. We took the decision straight away that everything we stocked would be vegan friendly and never tested on animals. We love working with ethical companies, we make sure that every part of the process from the items being manufactured to getting delivered to your door is done in an ethical, fair & compassionate way.

In May 2021 we had the pleasure of being awarded a Toymark from Let Toys Be Toys - a brilliant campaign asking the toy and publishing industries to stop limiting children based upon promoting certain items as only to a particular sex. We are very proud of this award and believe all of our products are suitable for anybody to use and play with regardless of gender or other factors! 

Thanks for reading our story and visiting our store, we look to continuing this journey with you.

Helana & Lincoln
Luna & Cash

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